Defined Contribution

Active members of the defined benefit section, which closed to further accrual during 2007, were able to join the defined contribution section.

Members and the company contribute to an individual pension “pot” and pension depends on the level of contributions over time and the performance of the investments which the member opts for.

For more information on how the investments for this section are managed by BlackRock and you should go to

Annuity and Drawdown Service

The Trustees provide access to Hargreaves Lansdown for an annuity and drawdown service although members are free to do their own open market search, use their own advisers or the BlackRock drawdown service.

For more information Hargreaves Lansdown have their micro site available by following the link to or by telephoning 0117 314 1798 Mon - Thu 8am - 7pm; Fri 8am - 6pm; Sat 9:30am - 12:30pm

Life assurance

Active members of the defined contribution scheme benefit from life assurance. If an active member dies in service, four times their annual salary will be paid to their beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Active members should ensure they complete a nomination form to indicate their chosen beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Membership Options

Can I opt out?
Membership of the scheme is not compulsory but you should consider the benefits you will be giving up before opting out.

Once in the scheme you may opt out at any time by giving one month's notice in writing to the trustees.

If you opt out you may only rejoin at a later stage with the consent of the company and the trustees. They may ask for medical evidence of your state of health before readmitting you to the scheme.