How to report a problem with your pension

If you have any problem concerning the Scheme or your benefits which you are unable to resolve, you can raise the matter formally using the internal dispute procedure which the Trustees have established.

You will receive a formal response to your complaint from the Pensions Manager. If you are not satisfied, the matter will be considered by the trustees. Full details of the procedure are available on request from the Pensions Office.

At any time you can approach TPAS (The Pensions Advisory Service) for help.
Telephone: 0845 601 2923 or go to the website

You may in turn refer any complaint or dispute of fact or law to the Pensions Ombudsman to investigate and determine. Both TPAS and the Pensions Ombudsman may be contacted at 11 Belgrave Road, London, SW1V 1RB.
Telephone: 0207 630 2200 or go to the website

The Pensions Regulator can intervene in the running of schemes where trustees, employers or professional advisers have failed in their duties. If you have concerns of this nature you should contact : The Pensions Regulator, Trafalger Place, Brighton, BN1 4DW.

Information about the Scheme has been given to the Pension Tracing Service at Whitley Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1BA.
Tel: 0845 600 2537
Go to the website:

This is a service for members of pension schemes who have lost touch with their former employers or providers of previous schemes.

Where to get help
If you need further information or have any queries about the Scheme or your benefits, you should contact the Pensions Office at:

51-53 Queen Street,
Telephone: 01902 319247/8 or email

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